Customize Interface

3 windows that composes "Babel".


Subtitling Window: Text entry is done here.

Preview Window: Preview your video here.

Audio Window: Adjust the timing of your subtitles here. (Spotting)

All of the window sizes can be adjusted to suit your style.


Adjusting Windows.
Each windows can be adjusted by dragging
your mouse. Use this feature to fit your needs.

Separate the preview window, work with two screens to maximize efficiency.

・Separate the preview window with one click.

・Capable of using two screens as a preview screen 
and editing screen.

・Improvement in efficiency can be made with a 
bigger editing screen.

The preview window can be displayed by itself.

Working on multiple parts can be done easily by changing the window position and customizing the desktop environment. The preview window can be displayed on full screen to check the progression on the work that is being done.



Creating Subtitle Text.

The created subtitles can be exported as "Subtitle Text".

The "Subtitle Text" can be edited and imported afterwards.

If there is a text data ready for use, it can be imported to spot, or added to a spotting data.

Exporting Text Only.
The "Subtitle Text" can be edited and imported afterwards.

Importing Text Only.
Texts will be divided automatically by line

Texts divided by line breaks.
Subtitles exported as texts will have line breaks where they are divided.

Can be imported to the spotting data.
If a spotting data pre-exists, the texts will be
imported into the spotted data as the line
breaks are entered.


Guideline Settings

Guideline parameters for the subtitles.



・Maximum letters per second.

・Maximum letters per line.

・Minimum display time for 

・Minimum delay between 

If the entered data or frame has exceeded the parameters, the numbers or spotting information will be displayed in red so that it will be easily noticed.

Guideline settings can be disabled.


Text with the spotting data entered will show an "In Point", "Out Point", and "Duration" in the subtitling window. If the guideline parameters, this will be shown in red.

Time Shift Function

Window display to fit the video.


Subtitle window that is interactive with the video.
The subtitle window will slide down as the
video plays; the subtitles that applies to the
video shown on the screen will be displayed in purple.

Audio window that is interactive with the 

The audio window will slide to the right as the video plays; the spotting areas will be shown in a red line.


Fine adjustments can be made in the 

Subtitles can be moved individually or in
multiples in many ways.

Movement amount and position can be 
adjusted freely.

Subtitles can be moved in numerical input, fine tuning can be made easily as a whole.

2 Layer Display

Multiple languages can be shown horizontally and vertically.


・2 subtitles can be shown at once in different 

・Horizontal, vertical, multiple languages can be 
displayed easily.

・Each can have different effects put on.

Subtitles can be shown in 2 places by using the "Layer 2" displayed in the subtitle window.

Font effects, such as color, size, and vertical placement can be added in layer 2 as well.



Splitting and Merging Subtitles


・Subtitles that has already been created can be split or merged.

To merge or split the existing subtitles, right-click on a spotted location and select features such as "Split Subtitles", or "Merge with Next Spot".

Style Search / Replace

Search / replacing function that can be used without text.


Style Search
The subtitles can be searched by the effects
that was applied, multiple effects can be
entered to refine search.


Style Replace
Subtitle texts can be searched to add / replace effects.

There are many effects to choose from to 

There are 8 types of subtitle effects that can
be added. Searches can be done case
sensitively as well.

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys can be changed to fit the users needs and preference.


・Choose from a variety of actions to apply.

・Select the shortcut keys that you are 
used to to maximize efficiency and ease of use.

・3 button configuration such as 
Ctrl+Shift+A can be made.