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To bridge the world together with subtitles

We, at Faith Co. Ltd., have decideded to make it our job to help interlink the world by providing our subtitling tool.

"Babel" has been developed with the knowledge and technologies gathered in the Japanese subtitling field.

"Babel" reaches new horizons in the subtitling field.


Easily add subtitles.

For beginners and professionals alike.

Made for all subtitlers.

"Babel" is a software made to add subtitles for all sorts of videos. It is made for businesses such as TV stations and postproduction companies as well as private videos and videos to be uploaded on to YouTube.

Enter subtitles as you are watching a video.

Myriad of functions while keeping the software user friendly.

Insert subtitles quickly and accurately.

"Babel" is made to serve beginners and professionals alike with easy to use features and detailed function parameters. It can read and export many video formats. With a lot of effects to add to your subtitles and editing functions, users can have the freedom to have the subtitles they desire.



Check edited content easily.

Shows an indicator on places that has edited effects.

Searching and replace function of all types.

An icon will be shown for places that has effects used on the subtitles for easy editing. Users can search through subtitles by texts and style search (search by effect). Style replace will make it easy for adding effects by searching for the desired words to add effects to.

Trusting History of Use

"Babel" is implemented in many schools and businesses.

This is the proof of the trust we have garnered.

"Babel" has a running record of being used in many filming businesses as well as schools. We have been gaining the trust of our customers by having our softwares updated to serve our customers better and improving our service. We will be continuing to work deligently to deliver the best subtitling experience.



Can be used on a laptop PC.

"Babel" does not require a high spec PC.

System requirements are low enough for a laptop PC.

"Babel" can be used without buying a high spec PC.



Wanted items can be downloaded instantly after purchase.

Easy shopping on our online store.

Exporting option and extended license can be bought at our online store, as well as the "Babel" software.


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